What If?

As I headed to bed tonight I glanced at my calendar and it said “gym date 7:45-8:45am” for tomorrow (Saturday) morning. I set that recurring appointment with myself at the beginning of February because I was determined to get in shape and “be better”….

I’ve never made that gym date. That hard truth got me thinking about all the great ideas and thoughts I have about bettering my life and how 85% of them I never actually do. Which let to this mini moment of enlightenment: What If????

What if I went to the gym first thing Saturday mornings? Would that shape and impact my entire day? And in turn the next day and the next day?

What if I started everyday deep in prayer and kept my eye on the things of God? Would I be a better servant to the things God needs done?

What if I did one thing every month to step out of my comfort zone and have some fun (like I promised myself I’d do this year)? Would I be dating an awesome guy and day dreaming of things to come?

What if I put into practice every great tip and suggestion I got from the dozens of books I read every year? Would I be on a stage sharing my life practices with people and helping them with their “what ifs”?

I could go on for days but the bottom line is I’m not good with consistency and doing the things I know I should do. If I did?…Sheesh I’d be pretty amazing. I’ll be honest, I’m probably not going to go to the gym tomorrow morning but at some point I (and you too!) should take the “what ifs” off the shelf and be better.

What’s your “what if”????  What’s holding you back from it?
#whatif #bebetter #GIRL #getitrightladies


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