A Precious Possession

You need to realize you are special. God values you so much and wants the best for you. He’d say:

Take heart, you are my precious possession. I cherish you and watch your every move. But like a precious item at a 

 museum, there are risks inherent in sharing you to the world. I can’t selfishly keep you to myself and not let your glory and 

beauty be seen by the world. Because you didn’t stay close, the world mistreated you and damaged your beauty but I am a 

master crafter and I’ve been working diligently to repair and replace all the broken pieces so you’ll be ready to be displayed 

again. This time you’ll stay behind the protective glass and ropes  so that only those with my clearance can get near to you. Stay 

close to me so that no one can penetrate the hedge of protection I’ve set up. Then only those that truly know your value and will 

take care of you and treasure you as much as I do wil be near. 


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